Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Knit Ruffle Baby Hat

If you read my blog, you will know I love to knit. I taught myself how to knit years ago, and I haven't stopped since. Today I would like to share with you an adorable toddler hat that I made a few years ago.

This hat is not for sale; I made it for my daughter. But isn't it adorable?

So here's the scoop. The pattern is written by Russell Lehrer, and you can find it here on his blog or here on Ravelry.

Although my version of the hat wound up being more for a toddler than a baby, it still turned out to be very lovely. It was a very quick knit. My favorite part? The cute flower you see from the top down...

Gah. I can't even. It's too adorable.

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