Monday, July 11, 2016

An Adult Coloring Book JUST. FOR. TEACHERS.

Today I will introduce you to part two of my new TPT store. I've worked hard on this PDF for several months, and it originally was intended as an end-of-the-year present for a teacher friend. Since I had time to only work on it in bits and snippets, many of my other friends saw it at various points in its creation. Most commented that I should sell it. So here it is: an adult coloring book created specifically for professional educators!

This coloring book is 23 pages of teacher-humor cleverly disguised in cartoon outlines, hand drawn by Yours Truly. It's stress relief in it's finest form: zen-meditative coloring meets side-cramp LOL fun!

It's perfect for:
- Principals (Welcome Back to School, Staff! Sorry About the Three Extra In-Service Days!)- Parents (Thanks, Teacher, for Putting Up With My Little Hooligan All Year!)- Teacher Appreciation Week (We Don't Know What to Get You Because You Already Have 50,000 Mugs!)

I currently only have it for sale in DIGITAL format (no hard copies). You can purchase it from two places:
If you have no preference between TPT and Etsy, please purchase it from TPT and leave me some feedback. I need some star love on that website!

Here are some watermarked screenshots of what you can expect when you purchase the coloring book. There are also many pages of tomfoolery not included in these previews that you will enjoy when you download the entire book! 

All original drawings in this coloring book and blog post are copywrited by Echoes of Stars Designs, LLC. Please do not copy, sell, or edit them without permission.

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