Monday, August 3, 2015

Geeky Nerd Goggles

I would like to introduce you to my favorite glasses e.v.e.r.

They're geeky. Nerdy. Made from bamboo and mathematical symbols.

There's a teeny tiny division sign on one side and a teeny tiny multiplication sign on the other - right at the corners where the arms connect to the front.

I know you're dying to know where I got them from, and that's the best part! I got them from

Now here is my honest review of these glasses. I was not given any free items or monetary donations for my review. Unfortunately.

These glasses are fabulously nerdy. However, I'm now on my third pair. The sides are made of bamboo, which means that they are more delicate than plastic and cannot be adjusted around the ears. The first pair I received was damaged in the mail - the bamboo earpiece had snapped in two on one side! However, Coastal was very quick to send me a new pair, free of charge.

All of Coastal's glasses are covered by a one-year warranty. Later on, after nearly 6 months of normal use, the arm of my replacement pair broke again - but this time at the metal joint where the bamboo arm meets the front of the glasses. Again, Coastal's customer service was amazing. They had mailed the replacement glasses even before I had a chance to get the damaged pair in the mail to return them.

I will never order glasses from any other company again.  I am so impressed with the customer service and price points that the company offers. Not to mention the AWESOME NERDY STYLES.

P.S. If you're more of a word geek than a math geek, check out these pairs. Colons and semi-colons abound!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Antique Colander Lamp Shade

I haven't posted a DIY project in a long time, but I promise I have been busy doing them!

Today, I would like to introduce you to our new kitchen light. I made it out of an antique colander that I purchased from eBay.

I don't really have a good tutorial for this one because well, the story behind it is a bit rocky. Here's what happened:

I have my heart set on a country-inspired eclectic kitchen. By "country-inspired eclectic" I mean mostly rustic meets rockabilly meets french farmhouse meets kitschy whimsy. For example, I dislike roosters but I love scrollwork and vintage signs. But I digress.

Ever since seeing this and this, I have been in love with the idea of a colander pendant light over my sink. I needed it to happen.

So I search my trusty eBay for the perfect antique colander. I love antiques. They have so much more character than perfect newly-minted items.

When I ran the idea past my dad, Mr. Fixit himself, he was doubtful. He could not think of a way to drill a hole through the porcelain and metal large enough to accommodate the light socket, mostly because of the awkwardly perforated punch-outs that a hole drill's teeth would get stuck on.

So he handed the colander back to me and told me it was a bad idea.

But nobody tells me I can't do it when I have my heart set on a project.

So do you want to know how I made the hole? With a sharp kitchen knife and my guns. No, not the bang-bang kind. The welcome-to-the-gun-show kind.

I stayed up late one night and basically willed that sucker into being. I used the point of the knife to widen the perforated holes until I could connect a few of them to form a hole wide enough for the light socket to slip through.

The knife is ruined, by the way.

But I have a really cool kitchen light now. :)

My favorite thing about it is the neat little patterns it makes on the walls and ceiling when it is lit. 

The lightbulb I used is an Edison bulb from Amazon. I purchased the black pendant light kit from Home Depot a few years ago.

Now onto my next DIY light project! A hanging bell-jar light! But that is for a future post.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

An Apology

I apologize to whoever has followed this blog. My first year of virtual-schooling required more of my time than I anticipated. However, I feel that I will be better prepared and know what to expect of my days this year. I have a goal for blogging at least once a week - but if things get busy, the blog will be one of the first things to cut out of the schedule. You have been warned.

That being said, Little Love, who completed K5 with flying colors, is reading at a second-grade level. I am so proud of her and of the hard work she has done this past school year!

Please keep reading and following this blog, my friends. I will have more homeschooling posts as we approach the start of school. Who knows? Maybe even later this week.

But tomorrow - I will share how to make a hanging pendant light out of a metal and porcelain colander. It's pretty nifty, if I do say so myself. Stay tuned!