Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No More Baby Deaths in Hot Cars!

We have so much technology today, that allowing any small child cook to death in an overheated car is simply inexcusable.  And no, I'm not blaming forgetful parents - what I am saying is that we already have the technology to prevent these tragedies. I am suggesting a simple car seat innovation that will save lives. If you are reading this, please please share this blog post with everyone you know, especially car seat manufacturers. Together, perhaps someday we can save a baby's life.

If you are not aware, forgotten baby syndrome is a horrible event. A distracted caregiver forgets that the young child is in the back seat and is left in the hot car, sometimes for hours. Often the child is literally cooked to death.

I have an idea to prevent this - a car seat that has a weight sensor in the seating area and has emergency cell phone/GPS capabilities.  The car seat will automatically call multiple emergency numbers that the parents pre-program if the weight is not removed from the seat within 5 minutes once the car stops moving. If the weight is not removed from the seat within 10 minutes, the seat calls 911 with its GPS location. This could save babies' lives.

In addition,  The emergency phone calls could be prevented if the parent manually deactivates the car seat once the car stops moving - I know that on nice days, I often let the baby finish her nap in the car as I sit in the driver's seat, reading.

Also, the car seat could also call/text the parents when batteries are low or need recharging.

As a safety precaution due to cell phone radiation, the cell phone capabilities could be placed within the base of the seat, as far from the baby's head as possible. The cell technology (not the weight/motion sensing technology) would automatically go into "airplane mode" to conserve battery life while the car seat is in motion. This will further protect baby from cell phone radiation. The cell phone would only search for signal once the car's motion has stopped for at least 4 minutes.

All car seats would need is a weight sensor and cell capabilities. We have the technology. Why are we not making these?

If you like this idea, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK to vote on it at the Fisher Price website. Voting is free, and if it gains enough popularity, Fisher Price will consider putting it into production!

Please share this post widely.