Thursday, March 20, 2014

Waze App

My husband found this app somehow and tried it. He was geeking out about it for several weeks before I finally decided to try it.

By far, this is the best navigation app that I have ever used. And the kicker? It's free! No more google maps for me!

Why is Waze so awesome? The drivers themselves contribute to the navigation - by driving with the Waze app open, you automatically contribute information on speed to fellow drivers, which helps everyone avoid traffic jams.

But what really sold me was the alerts. Users can manually tag certain events like road closures, accidents, speed traps, even roadkill to alert other drivers. It was actually a roadkill alert that convinced me to download it. I was a passenger in my husband's car when his phone announced, "Warning! Roadkill ahead!" And sure enough, in the middle of the intersection was a dead squirrel.

I've also appreciated knowing the cause of a traffic jam - people tag where the accident took place as they pass it - so I can better decide if I should stay on the crowded freeway and wait it out or get off and allow Waze to pick a different route.

Oh, and Waze automatically suggests a different route if it notices an upcoming bottleneck. If you're the first Waze driver in the area stuck in the bottleneck, it's unfortunate for you, but at least your Waze app is sending out information to the community so that other drivers can avoid the same predicament.

It's pretty neat. Check out the video below and then download it in the app store. :)

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